A brief introduction to wall tiles

- Dec 07, 2017 -

Wall tile is suitable for the façade decoration of washroom, kitchen, outdoor balcony. Wall tile is an effective way to protect wall from water splashing. They are not only used on walls, but also on the edges of doors and windows, and are an interesting decorative element. A decorative wall tile used for kicking the foot line. Both beautiful and protected wall is not easy to be shoes or desks and chairs stained stool feet. For the pool and bathroom tiles, to be beautiful, damp-proof and wear-resistant balance.

Wall brick is high in brightness and brightness, which can be used to choose various color patterns and is lighter and thinner than floor tiles. Glazed surface to ensure the waterproof performance of wall tiles, and has a good anti-pollution ability. Ceramic tile is a wearable, waterproof, beautiful and easy to clean materials. Because the requirements of wear resistance is not as strict as the floor tiles, so the choice of a richer variety. Ceramic wall brick water absorption rate is low, corrosion resistance, anti-aging ability is strong. In particular, its special moisture resistance, scrub, weatherability, other materials can not be replaced, its low price, rich color, is the home decoration kitchen, bathroom, balcony wall ideal decoration materials.

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