Cleaning methods of household common contaminants on glazed tiles

- Dec 07, 2017 -

For glazed tiles, the use of the following cleaning agents can be used to clean up household contaminants:

1. Glazed Tile Daily Cleaning

Cleaning methods: Can use MOP, and then use the Hakka porcelain clean treasure can be cleaned.

2. Glazed tile Food stain pollution

Cleaning methods: For tea, ice cream, coffee stains, beer and other stains can use the customer forest porcelain cleaning can be.

3. Pollution of sediments, rust and mortar on glazed tiles

Cleaning method: Rust can be used in the guest forest Tile Cleaning Agent series of KL308 derusting agent. The lime cement slurry drips The brick surface, may use the guest forest concrete thin layer cleaning agent (mortar cleaning agent).

4. Glazed tile paint and pen pollution

Cleaning method: Can use environmental protection type paint scavenger, home use toothpaste also have very good decontamination effect.

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