Related knowledge of glazed tile

- Dec 07, 2017 -

Glazed tile is the surface of the brick by glazing high-temperature high-pressure firing treatment of ceramic tiles, this tile is composed of soil embryo and surface of the glaze two parts, the main body is divided into clay and clay two kinds, clay fired out of the back is red, clay fired on the back of Gray white. Glazed tile surface can do a variety of patterns and patterns, than polished brick color and rich patterns.


The interior wall decorates the thin ceramic material.

The role of glazed surface is to increase the beauty of ceramic tile and play a good role in anti-fouling.


According to the different gloss, glazed tile can be divided into two types: glossy glazed tile and matte glazed tile. Glazed tile is the most common tile in decoration, because of rich color pattern, and anti-fouling ability, it is widely used in metope and ground decoration.

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