Selection Techniques for Tiles

- Dec 07, 2017 -

1. The appearance of color to be uniform, surface gloss and smoothness (special process except), especially polished tiles to pay attention to their gloss, gloss, the higher the more exquisite polishing process, the higher the relative hardness, so that the water absorption rate is low, the higher the wear degree.

2. The ability to prevent pollution is better. On the surface of the ceramic tile one or two drops of ink or colored water, half an hour after wiping with a damp cloth, if left with obvious traces of its easy to ooze pollution;

3. The size deviation cannot be too large. That is, four bricks together, should be more structured, no obvious dislocation phenomenon. Size error is greater than 0.5MM, flatness is greater than 0.1MM products, not only will increase the difficulty of construction, but also the effect of decoration after the poor, can not be used in engineering.

4. Water absorption rate to meet the requirements. The lower the water absorption rate, the higher the density of its products, the less easily penetrated. Usually color ceramic tile is not more than 10%, no glazed porcelain bricks (including polished bricks) shall not exceed 0.5%, glazed tiles are not more than 1%.

5. See if the quality of the tiles is qualified. Tile decoration quality mainly see the indirect seam between brick and brick is more than 0.5 mm, the overall surface smoothness in the 2 meters long range is greater than 2 mm, the seam straightness within 5 meters in length of more than 3 mm, where the above-mentioned range of decoration quality is not qualified.

6. Listen to the ceramic tile sound: To distinguish the intrinsic quality of the tiles, depending on what is not visible, you can use the method of percussion, from the sound to distinguish.

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