The advantages of marble tiles

- Dec 07, 2017 -

Realistic decorative Effect

Nowadays, tile has become a kind of "rigid demand" of home life. It completely changes people's quality of life and plays the role of "beautician" in modern life. and has "the realistic effect of marble, the superiority of ceramic tile can" marble tile, its texture, color, texture, feel and visual effect completely achieves the realistic effect of natural marble, the adornment effect is also greatly superior to natural stone, therefore widely obtains the consumer's favor. As the founder and leader of marble tiles, Li Zhilin believes that the appearance of marble tiles from "dead" to "live", giving the ceramic tile more spirituality, it not only fully embodies the natural marble luxury decorative effect, but also abandoned the natural marble of various defects, has been recognized by the terminal market.

Superior Physical Properties

Although the appearance of natural marble is beautiful, but its existence of large color difference, many flaws, easy to seepage and pollution, difficult to manage, high prices and long supply cycle defects, often let consumers discouraged. The appearance of marble tiles properly solves this problem, providing a better choice for the vast number of consumers who love marble. Marble tiles not only have a realistic texture of natural marble, in the waterproof rate, flatness, flexural strength and other physical performance is also extraordinary.

Green Environment

Marble tiles have unique decorative effects and superior features of natural marble, also has the unique function of the ceramic tile, its appearance reduces the home furnishing industry to the demand of the natural marble, becomes the guardian of the rare stone, caters to the national initiative to "the resource-saving type, environment-friendly" social development; Marble tiles to eliminate the choice of man-made marble will have radiation concerns, become a new generation of green environmental protection rookie. And the general use of clean production technology to make marble tile production, processing, application process more Low-carbon environmental protection, integrated effective conservation of natural resources.

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