The characteristics of glazed tile

- Dec 07, 2017 -

1. Glazed tile color pattern rich, the specification is many, the cleanness is convenient, the choice space is big, applies in the kitchen and the bathroom. Glazed tile surface can do a variety of patterns and patterns, than polished brick color and rich patterns.

2. Glazed tile surface strength will be much larger, can be used as wall and ground dual-use. Relative to the glass brick, glazed tile The biggest advantage is impervious, not afraid of dirty, most of the glazed tile Non-slip degree is very good, and glazed tile surface can be fired a variety of patterns, style is more diverse.

3. Impervious, seamless splicing, arbitrary modelling, toughness is very good, basically will not occur fracture and so on.

4. Water Absorption rate: glazed tile water absorption rate of more than 10%.

5. The characteristics of fast and cold quench heat: The fast-quenching heat resistance is the property of glazed tile which is subjected to rapid temperature change without crack.

6. Bending Strength: Glazed tile bending strength average is not less than 16MPa, when the thickness of the brick is greater than or equal to 7.5mm, bending strength average is not less than 13MPa.

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