The difference between wall tile and floor tile

- Dec 07, 2017 -
Wall tiles can not be mixed with: indoor tile According to the site is divided into wall tiles and floor tiles. Strictly speaking wall tiles belong to ceramic products, floor tiles are usually porcelain products, their physical characteristics are different, the two from the selection of clay ingredients to the firing process has a great difference, wall tile water absorption rate of about 10%, than the water absorption rate of only 1% of the ground brick is several times higher. Bathroom and kitchen floor should be paved with low water absorption rate of the ground brick, because the ground will often use a large amount of water wash, so that the ceramic tile can not be affected by moisture, not to absorb stains. Wall tiles are glazed pottery, water content is relatively high, it is generally rough on the back, which is also conducive to adhesive wall tiles affixed to the wall. Floor tiles are not easy to stick firmly on the wall, wall tiles used in the ground will absorb too much water and become difficult to clean, visible wall, floor tiles can not be mixed.

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