The identification of a good glazed tile

- Dec 07, 2017 -

1. Density is good, see the density of a cross-section, the cross-section to thin.

2. Color, good tile in the same number of chromatic aberration is not, so the effect of the shop will be better.

3. Uniform, smooth, smooth, bright, consistent with the top grade: surface has particles, not smooth, color, thickness, uneven, and even uneven, cloud floc is defective. In addition, gloss glaze should be bright and shiny: no light glaze should be soft and comfortable.

3. Look at the reflection of the object in the glaze phase: to observe the light or objects in the glaze surface by the mirror after the reflection of the phase, glazed tile than ordinary tile into a more complete and clearer.

4. Test glazed Tile Skid resistance: the glazed floor tile surface after the wet water Walk experiment, still can realize very reliable non-slip feeling.

5. Listen to the voice: percussion sound crisp and pleasing, a good degree of high strength porcelain.

6. Look at the surface: the surface is smooth and the gloss is superior. No slag, bulge and other phenomena.

7. Look at the fault: the fracture surface is smooth and flat, without coarse, and the color is not black-hearted phenomenon.

8. Water absorption: The water droplets in the glazed tile for the ellipsoidal shape of the state, bibulous rate of less than 0.1%.

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