The layout of the wall tiles in the room

- Dec 07, 2017 -

For a small, light toilet, not for dark and warm color wall tiles. Because the dark wall brick makes the person feel the space to become smaller, the room appears gloomy more and more, the other warm color wall brick, the vision has the forward approaching feeling, will increase the room the depressive feeling. So this kind of room usually uses light and cold color wall tiles.

On the other hand, for a large area, daylighting good toilet, should mainly consider how to make people feel warm and comfortable when bathing. Therefore, can use the warm color, the color slightly deep wall brick.

As the background of sanitary ware, wall bricks play a role in foil. So in the color of lightness, color is much lower than the ware. Proper collocation will make the clean and more beautiful feeling. At the same time, wall tiles should maintain a hue, the color of the general floor tile relative to the wall. In addition, different patterns of wall tiles should be chosen in different places. Bathroom wall tiles should be implicitly patterned, color elegant, vague, can not be distracting; kitchen wall brick style should be concise and lively mainly, pay attention to the Cabinet, the style of the table and color coordination, the pattern should be simple and generous, so that people feel clean and clear, appropriate embellishment of several tiles, choose a larger color contrast graphics, Can create a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

The quality of the wall brick is higher, the inferior wall brick will appear crack, the seam is crooked and so on. The selection of wall tiles should be based on the surface smoothness, verticality, smoothness and other important basis to measure.

In short, different wall tiles give people different visual sensations. Depending on the environment, according to local conditions, this is the ultimate request for the selection of wall tiles.

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