I Didn’t Expect That The Current Movie Theater Is Much Better Than The Movie.

- Jul 31, 2018 -


Watching the movie itself is a kind of spiritual enjoyment, but because many cinemas are stalking in space use, we are sinned in the flesh, and whoever sits for two or three hours will inevitably suffer from backache.


However, this issue is not a problem at the Slovak interior designer and architect Michal staško. He designed such a private cinema for the Shamorin Resort in Slovakia.

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The whole structure of the theater is very simple. The ground is covered with plain and original gray stones. 

It is quite a bit of street smell. Looking up, the colorful cloth bag sofa is there, idle and casual. People can't help but look at it. Going up, this experience of instant relaxation is its greatest feature.

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Then look at this generous space. In the wall-to-seat corridor, between each row of seats, there is plenty of space, sitting and lying down, stretching and kicking, the theater has a total of 100 seats, not crowded.

I have to mention the design style of its color xylitol. The main body color is concentrated on the wall and the seating area. The two walls are placed with a piece of soundproofing board. On the practical side, it not only increases the sense of space design, but also brings visual pleasure. Just walk in and meet. It’s a good mood.

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This theater allows the guest to experience the comfort of the living room at the same time, but also allows guests to experience extraordinary viewing enjoyment, because it is also unambiguous in hardware, equipped with advanced technology and audio equipment to achieve a shocking audio-visual effect.

It is natural to charge for such a good-looking cinema. The entrance fee is about five euros and about 150 CZK.

Michal staško himself and his theater have been reported by many media.

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