8 Cautions About Ceramic Tiles Installing .

- Mar 06, 2018 -

1, just laid a good tile, why soon off?

Generally we are paving the wall, we must first soaked in water. After soaking the porous wall will absorb the moisture in the cement mortar. Cement, on the other hand, is a material that requires a lot of water.  As a result of the curing process, it becomes non-adhesive and its  strength weakens. Finally, the bricks fall off together with the cement  mortar.

2, when paving brick why must stay slit?

Mainly in order to eliminate the gap seam material size deviation of  the impact, on the other hand can also avoid material thermal expansion  and contraction, resulting in late squeeze each other, resulting in  floor bulging even stripping and so on.

3, the general brick left to stay how much?

Tile is 2-5mm, polished brick is 1mm, antique brick 5-8mm.

4, Shop floor tiles left seam, why sew more to stay on it?

Mainly due to the different materials used in the shop when the impact of different products with inconsistent work dimensions.

5, paving pattern tiles, why the total effect is not good?

Now  many owners buy ceramic tiles have a preference for pattern effect, but  when they feel that the effect is not good after paving, then how to  shop it? You can press the product design features and trademarks of the back  of the uniform direction of paving, so you can get satisfactory results.

6, paving tiles can use pure cement it?

In general, in order to prevent the cement shrinkage caused by large  tensile stress cracked tiles, 325 or less should be low cement, cement  mortar to 1: 3 to pavement.

7, paving the polished brick, in order not to damage the brick, you can use the box to cover the brick it?

It  is recommended to try not to do so, the general box will rot with  water, bleaching, bleaching once bleached into the brick, it is  difficult to clean. It is best to use woven bags to cover the brick protection.

8, why after paving polished tiles have color?

First,  the color difference caused mainly by light angle; second, did not pay  attention to the color of the tile, the number of colors can not be  interwoven with paving. So remember when paving must check clearly, do not go wrong.

Living  room separate paving tiles separately, this method is mainly to save  floor tiles, reducing the number of cuts, and finally the location of  each door covered with darker color floor tiles or marble, the effect is  not bad. In  short, the effect of floor tiles paving a large extent affect the  overall style of home improvement, the above simple for everyone  introduced five tiles laying specifications, hope can help to everyone.6601.jpg

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