Application Of Ceramic Tile

- Dec 07, 2017 -

With the improvement of the quality of life, as the wall of ordinary decorative tiles have also changed, no longer is a pure color tiles, evolved into a colorful art tiles.

With its unique characteristics favored by consumers:

1. Low water absorption rate: low water absorption, perennial use, no discoloration, no traces remain as new. Clean simple. At the same time, mildew-proof moisture, not afraid of wet weather.

2. High wear-resistant: System high-temperature firing, MO-type hardness reached 8, wear-resistant extremely high.

3. Size Personalized Customization.

4. Acid resistance: In the process of industrialization, acid rain is becoming more and more serious, has become the main cause of industrial environmental pollution, porcelain bricks from high-temperature sintering, acid and alkali-resistant, do not leave stains, easy to clean.

5. Environmental: The use of pure natural stone, green environmental pollution-free, more stringent control of the whole process of production to achieve 0 of the environment pollution.

6. Many styles, vivid pattern, colorful, high-grade generous.

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