Four Sense Of Ceramic Tile

- Dec 07, 2017 -

Color sense: The main tile has a colorless difference, color is rich, good tile colorless poor, rich variety of colors. The consumer can put tiles flat on the ground, spell 1 square meters, distance three meters to watch, whether there are different shades of color or unable to connect the feeling, there is no aesthetic obstacles, such as no, it indicates a colorless difference. Colorless and poor tile shop at home, give people the enjoyment of the United States, while the color difference of the tile makes people irritable, the eyes uncomfortable.

Texture: Also known as the quality of the material, the feeling of the people, different texture to the soft hard, the actual situation, slippery, crisp, transparent and turbidity, and many other feelings.

Beauty: Aesthetic feeling is a sense of the whole, is the sense of tile color, texture and paving effect of the overall feeling, at the same time also considering the hardness, toughness, wear resistance, flatness, etc., in the selection, you need to choose a good flatness of the tile, the surface is not curved, not angle, easy to construction, the ground after the construction; glaze should be uniform, smooth, neat, smooth, Exquisite, bright, color consistent. And in the paving, so that the ground and the wall coordinated reunification, giving a whole aesthetic feeling.

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