Good Suppliers-----Zibo Honor Ceramic Co., Ltd

- Nov 06, 2018 -

       Zibo Honor Ceramics Co., Ltd., has been working with Alibaba for five years now. With a good brand reputation, the company designs novel and fashionable colors and the ultimate product quality as a solid foundation. 

      During the Super September Promotion , we actively participated in activity organized by Alibaba, and promoted the transaction through the promotion, not only sprinted the success of triple star merchants, but also won the awards," the black horse award" & " the procurement hero", " the hero enterprise" and many other awards. .

      During this period, the company continued to standardize the products, and completed the team culture through the competition, ranking first among all the 25 companies in the competition. 

      The entire Super September Promotion reached nearly a million dollars and achieved an unexpected breakthrough.

     At present, the company continues to actively digest procurement inquiries and buyers, and is fully prepared for the March New Trade Festival.

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