In The Recent Story Of Yanxi Palace Of The Fire, Sexual Cold Color Is Quietly Popular

- Aug 14, 2018 -

In the recent "Story of Yanxi Palace" of the fire, "sexual cold color" is quietly popular


Recently, the fire of "Story of Yanxi Palace" has changed many viewers' impressions of positiveness. For example, the praise may have caused the teacher to float a little...

In an interview, he confidently said:

I have always felt that my service is the best in China, and the color is also very good. In fact, from "Palace" to "Legend of Lu Yu", it is still very beautiful. Because I am a color, not the so-called A Bao color, but there are too many people studying me in the whole entertainment circle, many of them are cottage editions, they do not understand aesthetics at all.


I have to say that the costumes in "Story of Yanxi Palace" are really good.


640.webp (2).jpg

The overall use of Morandi color makes people look comfortable and natural.

640.webp (3).jpg

In the picture is the Morandi color, which is actually the high-grade gray, which is what everyone calls the "sexuality" style.

Look carefully at the clothing in "Story of Yanxi Palace", basically can correspond to the color card.

These pieces of clothing are slightly lighter in color.

640.webp (4).jpg

640.webp (5).jpg640.webp (6).jpg

640.webp (7).jpg640.webp (8).jpg640.webp (9).jpg640.webp (10).jpg

However, due to the addition of the gray element, it seems to have a feeling of stability and vitality, unlike other light-colored clothes.

640.webp (11).jpg

The color of this piece is a bit like smog blue.

640.webp (12).jpg

640.webp (13).jpg

What we see in other costume dramas is bright yellow, which makes people feel irritating.

However, the yellow in the "Story of Yanxi Palace" has been ashed, so that the whole color is darkened.

On the contrary, it is more atmospheric than bright yellow.

640.webp (14).jpg

The color of this piece is relatively deep. After adding gray, it looks less dull and has a sense of high quality.

640.webp (15).jpg

This purple costume should be what we call "big red and purple" before adding ash.

Now it is very textured, it is more solemn than the color of the lotus, and there is no rustic feeling.

640.webp (16).jpg

The same is true for red, which is darker than the big red after adding ash. It doesn't look awkward when placed together with the purple in the picture above.

640.webp (17).jpg

The costume style of this drama is really the clear stream in the palace drama, our group photo is like this.

640.webp (18).jpg

The photo of the emperor and the queen is like this, no longer bright yellow.

640.webp (19).jpg

Actually, The clothing of Yan Yan Raiders has refreshed the new color of Yu Zheng!

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