Maintenance And Cleaning Of Floor Tiles

- Dec 07, 2017 -

For white floor tile general dirt, use dry cloth is better than wet cloth wipe effect; wet cloth to leave moisture, the surface will be dirty, wipe with dry cloth, the more shiny; for ink, rust, animal and vegetable oils, coffee, beer, etc., can be used detergent, detergent and other clear, some brands with special cleaning agent, cleaning effect is better. To the bedroom of wood floor after wax, its mop can not be directly used to clean tiles, dirt stained with wax easily contaminated tiles and more difficult to clear, generally need manufacturers to use professional cleaning agent treatment.

1. If stained with rust stains, can be fresh lemon juice dripping on rust stains repeatedly rub, and then rinse with soap. If there is no fresh lemon, the vitamin C pill can also be used instead.

2. If you dip in soy sauce, vinegar, etc., you can use a clean toilet spirit.

3. If the ink is seeping in, try the toothpaste.

4. Tea, ice cream, beer and other stains, with sodium hydroxide or potassium carbonate such as soda solution can be removed. When processing to use the board brush, do not use steel ball, otherwise it will be scratched the surface of the tile, and then stain is difficult to deal with.

Maintenance Essentials

(1) If the surface caused by burning to mark, can be used fine sandpaper gently polished, and then rub back cover agent and glazing agent, you can restore the original.

(2) Daily cleaning, you can first use the ordinary mop as wet wipe cement ground, and then dry cloth to dry water.

(3) In general every 3-6 months or more with a glazing agent.

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