BLOX Is Not Only A Building, But Also A City-related Space.

- Jul 10, 2018 -


In recent years, with the development of urbanization, more and more architects have begun to pay attention to a 

series of problems brought about by urbanization: population growth, traffic congestion, air pollution, greenhouse 

effect, sea level rise and so on.

So the word "urban space" began to be mentioned frequently, and the concept of "Utopia" was repeatedly mentioned 

by people. The OMA-designed Copenhagen Architecture Center (Denmark Architecture Center, DAC) BLOX is 

trying to be the “ideal space” in the city.


Danish Architecture Center Headquarters BLOX

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Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, is a city with a long history. As a coastal city, it is inevitable to use the method of reclamation to expand the land area. The original site of the building is a filled area.The original brewery was abandoned after it was burnt down in the 1960s.

This plot was divided into two by the main loop. The road passed under the building and formed a ubiquitous interaction with the building itself, which served as a public connection. 

BLOX includes exhibition space, offices, cafes, bookstores, fitness centers, restaurants, 22 apartments and an automatic public car park.

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Transparent Tetris

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The large atrium at the entrance is also an exhibition space, where the exhibition space itself is the exhibition. Architect Ellen van Loon chose to expose the indoor truss structure, using a glass cover for the elevator ----This is what DAC wants to see more: a building is not just a glamorous shell, but a complex structure hidden underneath it.

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The OMA, which is often "out of the ordinary" in architectural style,but this time has returned to the traditional square box form, and the transparent squares are stacked on the floor to form a crystal.

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The reason why glass is used as the outer wall of the building is to break the introversion of the building and to 

eliminate the boundaries between the inner and outer space so that outsiders can see it and better blend with the 

urban space.The choice of glass color is derived from the deep green of the river in Copenhagen, BLOX stands on the shore, forming a landscape that blends with water.

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