Physical Properties Of Tiles

- Dec 07, 2017 -

Floor tile is a kind of ground decoration material, also called floor tile. Fired from Clay. A variety of specifications. Quality, pressure-resistant, can damp. Some glazed treatment, with decorative effect. It is used in the ground and floor of public buildings and civil buildings.

The variety of tiles is very many, the choice of the room is very large, according to the material can be divided into glazed tile, brick (non-slip brick), polished tiles, such as glass brick. Floor tiles as a large area of ground materials, the use of their own color, texture to create a different style of the living room environment.

The physical properties of floor tiles are mainly shown in:

1. Size deviation: Use vernier caliper or straight steel to measure brick paving effect degree, width and thickness (GB: Refers to the average size of 4 sides per brick and the deviation of working size) GB is ≤±0.6%.

2. Surface quality: not less than 1 square meters of brick front tile up, and make its parts of the light to achieve a certain standard, and then in the specified distance with the eye visual.

In many ground decoration materials, tiles become the first choice for consumers. Because it has a solid texture, easy to clean, heat, wear-resistant, acid-alkali, not water seepage and other advantages.

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