The Color Collocation Of The Floor Tile And The Room

- Dec 07, 2017 -

1. For a small, light toilet is usually the use of light-colored and cold color tiles.

2. As the background of sanitary ware, floor tiles play a role in foil. So in the color of lightness, color is much lower than the ware.

3. The tiles should be kept in a hue, the color of the general floor tile is darker than the wall tiles.

4. The bathroom wall brick, should the pattern is implicit, the color is elegant, indistinct, cannot be distracting; the style of the kitchen wall brick should be concise and lively mainly, pay attention to with the cabinet, the table style and the color coordinate, the pattern should be simple and generous, make the person feel clean and clear, decorate several tiles

5. In the purchase of kitchen and toilet, balcony floor tiles, you must first select wall tiles, and then select the floor tiles, followed by the principle of the first fan after Jane. Tiles can choose a lot of color, relatively simple, and wall tiles have installed, the next outfit, with more complex, first after the simple, will make your color matching more perfect.

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