The Forest Is Big Enough, There Are All Kinds Of “birds”

- Jul 03, 2018 -

Several days later, we will enter the second half year of 2018. But how far away from your dream house?

Let us take a look at someone else’s house. There are the most strange private house which selected by 

the Designboom in 2016. You can see various kinds of houses in the following article.

Big house on the cliff - architect GILBARTOLOMÉ


Back to the Mediterranean,Face the sea. This “CASA DEL ACANTILADO” was designed by the architect 

GILBARTOLOMÉ and it blend with its location perfectly. It located in the Granada, Spain. 

Wooden house car - Japanese architect YOSHIAKI YAMASHITA

640.webp (1).jpg

“Bring the car home if you love it.” the architect couple yoshiaki yamashita designed an indoor garage. 

They take advantage of the wooden house which is only 173 square meters. The garage is connect 

with the backyard, also it can be used as a gazebo. 

Sky Cabin in Madrid - I! ARQUITECTURA

640.webp (2).jpg

In the heartland of the Madrid, the  I! ARQUITECTURA designed a penthouse with a swimming pool.

The cabin of the stone - LUND HAGEM

640.webp (3).jpg

The architect’s office LUND HAGEM in Norway use the local available retrofit the natural surroundings

 to a “cabin”. It is protected by a natural stone, which become a characteristic roof. Besides, the 

transparent walls bring the sunshine.

"Grass Slope" House - Architect BCHO

640.webp (4).jpg

“picking a chrysanthemum, see care freely South hill.” The “tilt roof house which was designed by the 

architect BCHO was fascinating. It is located in a suburban where full of grain seedling.


640.webp (5).jpg

Mrs. Fan’s house, which was designed by the architect’s office PAO. It located lonely in the 

Changchun Street in Beijing, and it was one street away from the high-rise buildings. It is another life

 style away from the alley community.

Winter warm cabin - OFIS ARCHITECTS

640.webp (6).jpg

In the highest ski stations--karin in Slovenian, The OFIS ARCHITECTS build a compact residence 

which can protect slider from the extreme weather. It at most can accommodate 9 people at the same 



640.webp (7).jpg

It was a tree house full of fantasy, and it was designed by AZO sequeira arquitectos 

associados. It has two stories, the upper layer is the room and the lower layer is a bathroom. 

It located at Braga, Portugal.

Mediterranean Villa - METROAREA ARCHITETTI

640.webp (8).jpg

“We hope the contemporary architecture can have a talk with the history and the nature.”The 

architect office metroarea in Italy build this villa in Ibiza, Spain.

After seeing such kinds of architectures, we will find, actually, our own home is the

 most comfortable place, if only you decor it with heart, it can be your favourite 


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