The History Of Ceramic Tile

- Dec 07, 2017 -

The history of the tiles dates back to BC, when Egyptians began decorating various types of houses with tiles. Clay bricks are dried in the sun or baked by baking, and then coloured with blue glaze extracted from copper.

BC, the Mesopotamian region also found tile. The tiles were decorated with blue and white stripes, and later there were more styles and colours. China is the center of Ceramic art, as early as the Shang and Yin period produced a fine white stoneware.

During the medieval Islamic period, all the tiles were decorated in Persian heights. Subsequently, the use of ceramic tiles in the world, in the history of ceramic tiles, the Spanish and Portuguese mosaic, the Italian Renaissance tiles, the Antwerp glazed tiles, the development of Dutch tile illustrations and the German ceramic tiles are of landmark significance.

In ancient times, they were made by hand. In other words, each tile is handmade, handmade coloring, so each tile is a unique work of art.

Today, the world is the use of automated production technology, human hands are only used to operate equipment. As in the past, indoor and outdoor are decorated with tiles.

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