The Method Of Choosing Tiles

- Dec 07, 2017 -

In many ground decoration materials, tiles become the first choice for consumers. In the selection of floor tiles, should be based on personal hobbies and the functional requirements of the bedroom, according to the field layout, from the floor tile specifications, tone, texture and other aspects of screening. The color and style of the tiles should be matched with the whole space color. Floor tiles also have a solid texture, easy to clean, heat, wear-resistant, acid-alkali, not water seepage and other advantages.

Selection criteria

1. The selection of wall tiles should be based on the surface smoothness, verticality, smoothness and other important basis to measure;

2. There are many stringent technical indicators in the standard: length error, straight angle, edge angle, straightness, water absorption, bending strength, wear resistance, stain tolerance, ph resistance;

3. In the purchase of living room tiles, the selection of bricks to refer to the square of the room to calculate. such as 30 square meters below the optional side length of 60cm or the following units; more than 30 square meters of usable side length of 80cm, which is worth noting.

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