To Have Light And Color, What Else?

- Jul 24, 2018 -

To have light and color, what else?


In the Bible, the first sentence that God made when he made the world was "to have light." Recently, some

people used the graffiti to "light up" a basketball court in the suburbs of Mexico City.


Engie Harmony, a French energy company, launched a global campaign “Engie Harmony” to connect creative 

companies, artists, farmers, investors, etc. around the world to create a creative project that promotes  

harmonious living in communities in different countries and regions.


This publicity campaign promoted the launch of the Gomez-Farias Sports Center in the outskirts of Mexico City, 

the Solar Graffiti. Because of the lack of lighting, this vibrant neighborhood during the day is like a 

personality splitting into another face after the night.






In order to allow the vibrant atmosphere of the day to continue into the long night, the first step is to have light. 

This part was handed over to the German company Heliatek. They installed 111 company-specific organic thin

 film solar cells on the stadium. These films store enough energy during the day to provide continuous energy 

for nighttime stadium lighting.


When the "Solar" part is completed, the next step is "Graffiti". The Mexican street artist N3O re-installed the 

entire Gomez-Farias Sports Center and “lights up twicein bright colors.




The combination of technology and art is nothing new, butapply it to public facilities that improve community life, 

while benefiting one resident and conveying a clean energy concept. Setting up their own brand image,It is not 

the branding method pioneered by “Engie Harmony”.


As the lens gradually rises, the Gomez-Farias Sports Center floats like a “island” on the darkness of the 

surrounding area, and it reminds people of Jane Jacobs’ discussion about urban neighborhood parks or open 

spaces: what is in the impact? The vitality of these blocks of open space? If you have light and color, what else 

do you need?


Obviously, this is not the answer that “Solar Graffiti” intends to answer, but perhaps more relevant institutions can 

use this as a cut-off to think about their own brand building strategies. After all, in the era of increasingly 

resource-constrained, I believe in “human habitat” and “environment”. Such a topic will be a hot spot that 

continues unabated.

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